Songs from the album, “Lover” by Taylor Swift, which I first listened to when I returned to the city I love, my home, after the hardest few months of my life.

All lyric credits to Taylor, all of her words are italicized.

Sometimes an album comes to you when you…

This is my academic research and it is the piece of work I have spent the most time working on in my life, so here is where you can read it! It is about transgender representation in television and its implications for viewers: ‘Transgendering Viewers of Television”

Sometimes I lay awake at night, tossing and turning, and think about how my friend with a one-bedroom apartment on the upper east side right next to the train station leaves her door unlocked without fail every time she leaves her home. How can she risk that? Who would be…

The doors slide open and the subway train sound

beeps in announcement



You step up onto the edge into the subway car and scan it

and estimate

what seat will be the furthest from anyone else on the car

You take one of many empty orange seats facing…

The mother shuffles into the grocery store, past the automatic opening door, prepared to diligently follow her children’s wanderings, and she frowns. Her spine leans back to accommodate the infant strapped on her chest in a baby wrap, head and fists firmly nestled into the top of her flattened and…

“My father’s toys”

When I found out why my aging father is now hard of hearing I had to bite back a bitter laugh.

Because this man sent himself further from living because he wanted to shoot a gun

For fun.

Because he wanted to prove he could

Prove his…

In the beginning, I entered the doors of my school that first day overwhelmed but assured that I would spend my time in school with the purposes of bringing justice for women from sexism, classism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. I thought I would be a powerful woman in clinical psychology…

I’ve never written about gender before.

I’ve only ever tried to push gender out of the conversation or make it into a discussion about gender equality or gender affirmation or gender inclusion.

I grew up in a place where gender defined you and dictated most of your childhood.

The boys…

The first story I wanted to tell here, is one that is already over. January 2019. I published and designed this poetry collection and it is available for purchase on , amazon , barnes and noble , etc.

I am no longer the writer or the person who wrote this book, but this is where it all started. I could not be more proud of where it began.

And I am just getting started.

Anna Laurens

Writer, future counselor, feels too many things but makes lots of good things too. *they/them*

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